How do Solar Screens keep the heat out? 

Unlike fiberglass screens, Phifer Suntex solar screens are made of a polyester vinyl coated screen material designed to absorb and deflect the heat before entering your home. 

Great American Solar Screens in Houston, Texas

What can I expect in energy savings? 

A University of Texas, Austin study show *):

  • Annual energy cost savings: 10-14%
  • Summer time energy cost savings: 20-30%

Depending on the house orientation, number and quality of windows, and proximity to other houses, but the study found that top quality solar screens will result in significant energy savings.

*) Pletzer, Randy,  Jones, Jerold,  Hunn, Bruce, PhD.  “Effect of  Shading Devices on Residential Energy Use in Austin, Texas.”  Center for Energy Studies, University of Texas at Austin, 1998.


What is the installation time to get solar screens installed on my home or business? 

From the date of purchase, solar screens can be installed within 7-10 business days. Most applications take 1-3 hours of on-sight installation time. 

Great American Solar Screens in Houston, Texas

Solar Screens vs. glass tint? 

Solar Screens exterior applications prevent the contact of heat and UV Rays before contacting the glass. 

Glass tinting is an interior application that filters the light but leaves your glass exposed to the heat. 


Will Solar Screens protect from fading? 

Solar Screens block up to 90 percent of the UV Rays and heat from fading drapery, furniture and upholstery that bears the direct abuse of heat and sun rays. 


What makes Great American Solar Screens different from other companies? 

The biggest difference between solar screens is not the screen material but the frame construction. We use only the strongest frame material available which is 1" wide x 5/16, .024 gauge frame, whereas inexperienced companies will use a 3/4" wide x 5/16 frame which can cause the screen to sag, bow, bag and/or become loose over time. 

How your screens are installed is also an important part of the longevity of your solar screens and windows. Our expert installers will examine your windows to find the correct placement of screws and clips, if needed. This is done so that you as the homeowner will be able to remove and reinstall the screens with ease.